Stop Your Data from Being Sold on the Dark Web

Every wonder how much your stuff would go for on the dark web? Take a look…

Criminals who capture your personal information typically do one of two things with it: use it themselves to directly hack your accounts, or sell it to other criminals on the Dark Web.

The Dark Web is pretty much exactly what its name implies—a seedy corner of the internet where all manner of illegal activity takes place. In a recent report, security firm Kaspersky scanned Dark Web forums to determine the going rates for certain types of information: 

Your stuff for sale on the dark web

ID Card  >  $ 1 – $10 
Passport Scan  >  $6 – $15
Driver’s License Scan  >  $5 – $25
Medical Records  >  $1 to $30

Protect yourself with these tips from the researchers

1. Never reuse passwords across accounts. Use a unique password for each account and a password manager to store them

2. Always check permission settings on the apps you use. The idea is to minimize the likelihood of your data being shared or stored by third parties without your knowledge

3. Use two-factor authentication wherever it’s offered

4. Protect your devices with a fingerprint/face scan or with a PIN or password

5. Check for any accounts that may have been compromised. Various tools and websites (including some good ones from Google) tell you if any of your online accounts have been caught in a data breach

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