5 Password Tips –Never Forget the Basics

Someday we’ll do all our authenticating via fingerprint or 2FA, say experts. But until then, take a quick look at these 5 tips that will protect you from cybercriminals

Yes, two-factor authentication is more powerful than the traditional password. And it’s clear that biometric authentication is growing rapidly. But rather than counting on them for security, you can greatly reduce the risk to both yourself and your employer by minding these basics.

1. Longer is Stronger. Think of eight as the minimum number of characters for any password. Keep in mind that when you’re offered a choice between a 4-digit PIN and a longer password, the password should be your choice.

2. Work That Keyboard. If your password is a simple word (in any language), you’re an easy target for a “dictionary” password attack. That’s why it’s wise, and in many cases mandatory, to use at least one numeral, capital letter, and special character.

3. The Easy/Hard Rule. Passwords should be extremely difficult to guess, but easy for you to remember. Far too many people use key dates (birthdays, anniversaries, etc.) or names of children or pets—which hackers are sure to try.

4. Reuse is a No-No. Here’s a bit of advice that most users ignore. Every password you create should be unique. That way if yours is compromised hackers will be unable to try it on various accounts. That’s a common practice in the Dark Web world

5. What’s in Your Wallet? These days, most of us have dozens of password-protected accounts—sometimes over 100. More and more, experts are recommending digital password tools, often called wallets, that create extremely strong passwords for you and remember them. All you need to do is keep track of the master password for the wallet.

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