At Home Workers Put Data at Risk During Covid-19

At-home workers may be innocently putting their company’s data & networks at risk. See below to find out if you’re making these 2 common mistakes.

Businesses leaders say remote working policies introduced to help stop the spread of COVID-19 are making their companies more vulnerable to cyberattacks. A new AT&T study shows that while 88% initially felt well prepared for the migration, 55% now believe widespread remote working is making their companies more or much more vulnerable to cyberattacks.

Devices for both work & personal use
Before we throw all the blame at businesses, note that employees were the biggest risk identified by the cyber experts. Researchers say 35% of employees are using devices for both work and personal use, and 24% are sharing or storing sensitive information in unsanctioned cloud applications. 

Sharing work devices with family
Another cause for concern, 18% are sharing their work device with another family member. Family members are not as cautious as you are and could expose your network to hackers

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