Protect Yourself: 5 Signs of a Phone Hack

Mobile threats have evolved rapidly and they’re more sophisticated than ever before. Watch for these signs that you’ve been hacked and learn a few tips on how to keep yourself protected.

1. Your phone is hot. A device that’s running malware in the background is working harder. This means it’ll likely feel warmer to the touch.

2. Battery life decreases. Just as your device may feel warm to the touch, you might notice battery life dropping significantly if you have malware on your phone.

3. Performance issues. You may notice myriad performance issues with a compromised device, including frequent app crashes, random reboots, and unusual loss of connectivity or cell signal.

4. Random apps appear. It’s definitely not normal for random apps to appear on your device. This is a problem more likely to occur with Android phones, especially if you’ve bypassed default security settings.

5. Strange text messages. If your device is compromised, you may notice strange text messages. Additionally, your contacts may report receiving strange messages from you. This is likely spam that’s attempting to get you or your contacts to tap a malicious link. 

Do this to steer clear of a corrupted phone:

 * Reboot frequently
 * Make sure your operating system is up to date
 * Download only apps approved by Apple or the Android Play Store
 * If your phone is old, consider replacing it
 * Never click a texted or emailed link unless you know it’s valid
 * Consider using an app that encrypts your messages

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