4 Things Your Home Office Needs

Whether you’re a longtime work-at-home veteran or a COVID newbie, here are some key elements of a secure home office.

1. Secure networking. It may be a wired connection (preferable from a security perspective) or, more likely, wifi. In either case, it’s vitally important to nail down your security hygiene when you’re transmitting sensitive business data. That means changing the default name and password for your router, making strong passwords for all key accounts, and keeping your equipment patched with the latest updates.

2. Lockable storage. At company HQ, you have a container—even if it’s just your top desk drawer—in which you can lock away sensitive hardcopy documents. Every home office should feature this basic security measure. Most households feature a fair amount of foot traffic (children, neighbors, tradespeople, etc.), and you never know whose eyes will be overly curious.

3. Privacy. This is good for your peace of mind, especially these days, when so many have a houseful of kids who are being schooled at home. But that’s not actually what we’re talking about here; if you conduct sensitive phone conversations during your workday, having a “cone of silence” that prevents others from overhearing can prevent data leakage—and depending on your employer and industry, this may actually be a component of compliance.

4. A shredder. Today’s shredders are affordable and reliable. There’s really no reason not to have one. Once you get in the habit of destroying sensitive work-related paper, you’ll find yourself using the shredder to safeguard personal info as well.

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