Data Breaches: A Ticking Time Bomb for Consumers

The impact of corporate breaches is becoming more widespread than ever, with ramifications spreading far beyond victimized companies to hit consumers and their families—often months or years later.

According to new data from F-Secure, damage from data breaches goes far beyond the impact to the target organization.

Risks double

In a survey, 30% of respondents had experienced some form of cybercrime (malware or virus infection, email or social media account hacking, or credit card fraud) in the past 12 months. But that figure doubled to 60% among respondents using one or more online services that had been breached in a cyberattack.

Researchers did the math: With more than 500 breaches disclosed in the first six months of 2020 alone, 163 million people had some form of personally identifiable information compromised last year. Experts noted that these trickle-down effects rarely make headlines and those impacted rarely achieve restitution.

New industry

Indeed, we’ve witnessed the rise of entire underground industries designed to help cyber criminals monetize stolen data such as passwords and login credentials. Personal information stolen from organizations is often used against victims and their families through different types of identity theft and fraud. Attacks on companies end up hurting people, not merely a business’s bottom line.

Among the most significant impacts on those who do business with breached businesses are the following, researchers said:

Stress and concern arising from cybercrime (cited by 51% of victims)

Wasted time (also cited by 51%)

Loss of personal information or loss of control of personal information (27%)

Financial loss (24%)

Data loss (12%)

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