Data Security: Myth vs. Reality

In today’s world it seems people read and hear only what they already believe—even when it comes to security. How else to explain all the misconceptions employees have about security?

To help you keep not only your employer’s intellectual property but your personal information safer, let’s tackle three major myths.

Myth: Security is IT’s job

Reality: Actually, security is everybody’s responsibility, from the CEO to the janitor. Today most larger organizations have excellent technical security in place; that’s why hackers go after the human element, which is notoriously weak. Phishing and social engineering are examples of attacks focused not on IT, but on workers.

Myth: I have anti-malware installed, so I’m all set

Reality: This myth needs to be busted in two ways. First, see the point made above. Very few cyberattacks come at you through clever technological means that can be halted by software tools. Instead, spies and thieves will likely try to persuade you to simply click a link. Additionally, hackers are always updating their attacks, so not even the best anti- malware can catch everything.

Myth: I must be doing something right, because I’ve never been hacked

Reality: There’s an excellent chance that your data or computer has been compromised—and you don’t even know it. Remember, hackers often harvest usernames and passwords from large retailers and other entities. Often, these breaches are reported to everyone who was affected. But you cannot be certain that’s the case. This is one of the reasons experts urge you to use a unique password for every account.

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