Using Instagram Securely

Learn the security do’s and don’ts of this popular social app

When it comes to social media, most professionals are well versed in Facebook and LinkedIn—but Instagram remains a mystery for many. That may be a problem if you’re a parent. Chances are your children use Instagram far more than Facebook, its parent company.

Whether you want to check out this popular social app yourself or just keep up with your kids, here are some notable facts and security tips:

Instagram is a photo-sharing application that allows users to curate original content using pictures and videos.

With more than a billion active users, it’s the second most popular social networking service in the world, exceeded only by Facebook.

While Facebook started as a PC app, Instagram functions primarily as a mobile platform. Its popularity stems from the ease with which users can take photos on the go and quickly upload, edit, and post them.

In terms of privacy, Instagram accounts can be either public or private. Content posted on public accounts can be searched and viewed by anyone, including non-Instagram members, via search engines such as Google. Posts made on private accounts are only shared with followers approved by the account owner.

Naturally, security pros say you should keep your Instagram account set to private.

Do’s and Don’ts

Don’t connect your Instagram account to other social media accounts—this increases your account’s discoverability.

Do accept “follow” requests only from people you know and trust.

Do make sure your family and friends take similar precautions with their accounts; their privacy and sharing settings can expose your personal data.

Don’t post or tag images that clearly show your face. Instead, select pictures of yourself taken at a distance, at an angle, or wearing sunglasses.

Don’t embed your posts with hashtags (#foodie, for example, or #pga); these hashtags increase your posts’ visibility and make them searchable.


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