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Frequency Strategy in Security Awareness Campaigns

If you have to choose between an outstanding, award-winning, multi-touch, multi-channel employee outreach campaign that’s ready to launch during October’s security awareness month, or consistent execution of a simpler communication on the 2nd Tuesday of each month – skip the award-winning campaign.

You create more awareness by sharing a simple message frequently than by delivering a highly polished campaign infrequently. 

Each time you push out communication you essentially run an ad for good cybersecurity practice. Think about how advertising works. Even when you don’t stop to pay careful attention the ad still has an impact on you. Maybe you don’t immediately take out your credit card and order the product this time, but you do give a mental nod to the message. Each of these mental nods to the message is a building block to security awareness creation. There’s a reason advertising campaigns are run consistently without long gaps.

Don’t be afraid of frequency

The folks in your company may not be looking for security awareness materials in their free time but that doesn’t mean cybersecurity isn’t critical to the well-being of your company. Employees are not consumers you have to worry about annoying with your “marketing messages.” Your message is important. Don’t apologize for getting it out there. 

Frequency strategy in security awareness

Your strategy is to establish a reliable cadence of employee outreach that doesn’t miss a beat. Operating under this strategy means you live by one rule – your communication has to go out on schedule. Your ad for good cyber and info security practices will go out on time, every time. 

Time constraints in security awareness

Many factors can derail your schedule, not the least of which is all the other duties you have responsibility for. Putting together a complicated campaign can easily fall off the priority list at any time. That’s why it’s critical you set your sights on a deliverable you know can always be completed in time. Your strategy is a steady drum beat, not an irregular beat of an idealized campaign. 

Final takeaways

Your frequency strategy drives everything else – your plan for execution must line up with the frequency you’ve chosen. 

Establish your campaign calendar and then plan only what’s achievable to safely keep up with that schedule. From that strong foundation you can calmly think about building out further, maybe to an increased frequency or towards deeper, more polished content. 

Frequency strategy is foundational because every “mental nod” to your ad for good cybersecurity practice is a building block in the creation of employee security awareness.