Spring 2014 Cover

It’s Time to Raise Security Awareness

    Spring is here -- at last!  Now for the not-so-good news…

    As the weather gets warmer and Spring fever strikes, your employees’ thoughts will wander far from security. So, how do you keep them focused?

    In the just-released Spring issue of EMPLOYEE SECURITY CONNECTION, your employees will be briefed on security concerns that dominate the threat landscape; recent security breaches and lessons learned; insider threats, cyber espionage, case studies, vulnerabilities to sensitive information and practical ways to counter them.  Here’s a brief sampling from the current issue of the CONNECTION:

    Cyber Spying, Classified Leaks Top U.S. Threats.  Spy agencies recently ranked cybersecurity and the danger from foreign spies and leaks ahead of terrorism in an annual assessment of top U.S. threats.

    Feds Easy Hacker Target. Government agenices are often failing to implement even the most basic deterrents that would boost their cybersecurity efforts, a new Senate report says..

    Defense Worker Tried to Smuggle F-35 Secrets.  An engineer from a major American defense contractor tried to smuggle thousands of secret documents, including blueprints, on the multi-billion-dollar F-35 stealth fighter to Iran.

    Spring Cleaning: Your Security Checklist. Spring cleaning your computer and your digital world?  Here are some timely tips to get your security up to speed.

    Social Media: 4 Ways to Protect Yourself.  Social media sites are fun, but they’re one of the worst culprits when it comes to identity fraud and workplace trouble.

    Mini Case Study: Former Spy Chief Gets Lesson.  Operational security, OPSEC, entails guarding information to ensure that secret or sensitive operations remain that way.  But on a recent train ride, former NSA director Michael Hayden learned an embarrassing lesson.

    Report: Identity Theft Continues to Claim More Victims.  In the U.S., there is a new victim of identity fraud every two seconds. With all this theft around, employees would be well advised to increase their efforts to stay safe with these timely tips.

    You Shared What? Dangers of Password, File Sharing. Recent revelations that former NSA analyst Edward Snowden convinced his colleagues to share passwords so he could access classified files has put the insider threat back at the top of the security agenda.

Heading into spring is the perfect time to increase security awareness and help employees adopt new habits and break old ones.  EMPLOYEE SECURITY CONNECTION  gives you the tools you need to convince everyone in your organization — from top management to the mailroom — of the need to practice good security, day in and day out.  It arms your employees with solid advice and information on proven security practices that work.

The CONNECTION trains ALL your employees to be security-minded, not just for the duration of an annual refresher briefing, but all the time.  And at a fraction of the cost of producing it yourself.

Issued every three months, this exclusive 8-page awareness newsletter comes in electronic pdf format and can be customized with your organization's logo to underscore management support. You may also include your organization-specific announcements, i.e. upcoming inspections, security dept. contact info, links to your SPPs or edit to best suit your needs.

Find out for yourself why, for over a quarter of a century, the nation's leading defense firms and government agencies have turned to EMPLOYEE SECURITY CONNECTION to strengthen their awareness programs.

To learn more about how this valuable resource can help motivate your employees to practice good security habits…help you achieve better security inspection results… satisfy a major NISPOM awareness requirement…and attain positive visibility for yourself and your security team…please click on the following link. https://www.nsi.org/es-connection.html

For faster service or any questions, call us at 508-533-9099.

Don’t wait for government inspectors to find holes in your security program.  Get the CONNECTION today and fortify your first line of defense – your employees.

Order online at https://www.nsi.org/es-connection.html  or call us at 508-533-9099.

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