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The importance of securing information!

What is an information system?

In our everyday lives, computers are commonplace and even indispensable in some cases. We can rightfully say that we live in a computerized society. Nowadays, we meet computers everywhere, from the corner grocery, which keeps its records on a PC and up to the method we use for paying our mobile phone operator’s services.

Computers are Everywhere, connected to each other and thus forming computer networks. All this is because we realize more and more that our PC makes it easier for us to work.

But it has to be stressed out that a computer is a "machine" that processes a series of information that you give it to. Knowledge is the imperative element of this whole chain. In fact, we see, among other things, two concepts related to the following:

  1. Namely the information system
  2. The information system

You can learn more about it here. Protecting the information system is vital, starting from personal problems to global issues.

In addition to many benefits, computers also have a negative aspect such as:

  • the emergence of new types of crime
  • the distribution of computer viruses
  • recurrence
  • the possibility of committing traditional crimes through new technologies
  • fraud or forgery

The proliferation of computers, more and more powerful and available at lower prices, gave potential attackers the possibility of quick attacks without geographical constraints. Electronic attacks on the informational systems can produce a series of negative consequences - financial, operational, legal or strategic ones. They affect the victims at an individual and corporate level. The risks of electronic attacks must be well understood to be mitigated or even eliminated. 

Currently, there is no state or private institution that does not focus on information security. We have studied the existing websites dealing with personal data and have concluded that not all of them are well secured.

On the other hand, we appreciated the high level of security of companies like Online Counseling and 12 Months Personal Loans Bad Credit, LLC. They both ensure the confidentiality and safety of customers’ information.

The security culture within an organization is a lengthy process that can be developed by imposing measures and security mechanisms. They minimize the risks that may arise in the business process. Each activity is governed by threats, vulnerabilities, and risks. When a risk exceeds a certain acceptable level, we are dealing with a security incident that needs to be resolved (treating the risk until it falls below the accepted level).

Our secure company will be able to solve at least the following fundamental issues:

  1. Classify critical information/resources;
  2. Establish security responsibilities and top management’s involvement in managing security incidents and business continuity planning in the event of disasters.

Physical Security

This is an important security area that can be equipped with dedicated surveillance systems (access control systems, perimeter systems, burglar alarm, fire, earthquake, etc.) that can be integrated into an integrated security system.

Security of documents

It aims at the security of documents both in electronic format and in printed format. In most companies, the documents that enter or leave it are marked and recorded by the assistant manager at the registry/secretariat.
To automate the process of classifying information in electronic format (documents, messages, archives, etc.), it is recommended to use specific applications.