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Fulfill NISPOM and other Federal and Military Requirements for Security Awareness

Employee Security Connection

The EMPLOYEE SECURITY CONNECTION is a trusted, quarterly digital newsletter that fulfills NISPOM and other federal requirements by delivering best-in-class security awareness education tailored for defense and federal contractors, federal agencies and military facilities.

Trusted for 36 years as the cornerstone of employee security awareness programs that meet NISPOM and federal standards to develop a security mindset that minimizes vulnerabilities and maximizes classified information protection.

Fulfill NISPOM & Federal Security Awareness Requirements for Protecting Classified Information

When you license a subscription to the National Security Institute’s Employee Security Connection you exceed the security awareness requirements of NISPOM and federal agencies – and you make your job a lot easier.

Over 20 Critical Areas Covered

The Employee Security Connection addresses all the critical topics and issues your people need to be on top of in order to stay in compliance. You can trust our 36 years of experience to focus on the right things and cover the right topics.

The Best Friend of FSOs and Security Managers

Demands on your time seem to just keep on accelerating, right? 
Create space for yourself and your other important duties by using the Employee Security Connection to automate your employee security awareness communication program and reach people with engaging content. 

Brand the Employee Security Connection as Your Own

The ESC is the cornerstone of defense contractor, government agency and military security awareness programs because it instantly delivers an engaging, consistent communication program you can rely on to get your message through effectively.

Security leaders at over 800 companies and government agencies have relied on the Employee Security Connection to get the job done.

A license to ESC empowers you to continuously and persuasively engage the people in your program, exceeding federal requirements for security awareness communications and delivering content employees will actually take the time to read.


What Does a Facility License Entitle You?

4 Expertly Prepared Issues Each Year

The quarterly schedule ensures your program is continuous and keeps everyone in touch with your program even in between trainings and briefings.

Each digital issue contains 8 pages of expertly researched and prepared content focused on the right topics and issues.

The writing is friendly and accessible to every employee ensuring they will find it easy to digest and enjoyable to read.

Over 20 critical security topics are covered to ensure your digital newsletter delivers the critical information required.

Uncleared Employees Too

Your license authorizes you to share each issue with everyone at your facility, cleared and uncleared alike.

That's important because even employees without the need for security clearance can be a target or make careless mistakes out of ignorance that lead to compromise.

We write the content in such a way that the average person won't see it as a burden or a time sink. Even the uncleared will find your ESC relevant and interesting.

Replace Our Logo with Yours

Your license gives you the ability to replace our logo with your organization's logo so you can brand the Employee Security Connection as your own.

Or you can choose to leave the trusted NSI logo in place, whichever option meets your needs.

You also have the ability to add in your own content or edit the existing content to suit your needs. You have maximum flexibility.

Freedom to Repurpose Content

Every issue is immediately ready to be easily shared with everyone in your program.

And you have tremendous flexibility. Your license entitles you to use the content internally however you choose.

For example, you might cut and paste content into your own blog post, create a stand alone email message, incorporate content into a memo - the content is at your service.

Affordable and Productivity Enhancing

Create More Time for Yourself
We do the hard work of content research, writing, editing and design. You save a ton of time that can be used elsewhere.

A License to Employee Security Connection is Very Affordable
We know security budgets are tight. Our pricing makes sense for stretched budgets, even more so when you factor in the productivity boost. 

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“Great tool to help us stay compliant with our Security Education program. I’ve received many favorable comments from my employees and also from the DCSA”
Security Manager - Annapolis, MD
“Electronic PDF format is easy to use and distribute. Overall, it’s a very useful tool that employees read.”
Manager Security Services - Ball Aerospace & Technologies
“Well written and informative. It is the only publication of its kind to assist an FSO. My organization appreciates the articles very much.”
FSO - Computer Sciences Corp
"Saves me a lot of time, work and expense. I’d never have the time to produce a newsletter this good."
FSO - Baltimore, MD
"Excellent, timely, dependable publication and a critical component of our Security Education and Awareness Program."
Vice President - AETC Corporation
"The publication provides a variety of articles that appeal to a broad audience; everyone can find something of interest in each issue. I have received many compliments from our employees, many of whom have not read the 'fine print' and think I write the articles myself."
Director Corp Security - Pearson Analytic Solutions
“Excellent supplement to our ongoing security education program.”
Director of Security - Cubic Applications, Inc.
"Very good product! The mix of pertinent articles ensures interest across the employee population -- not just cleared employees."
Director Corp Security - ICF International
"This is the one publication that I receive the most positive comments about. I think that is due to the wide range of security topics that are discussed in every issue and the fact that the information provided is always current and timely."
Security Manager - Dubuque, Iowa
"It has worked out very well. I have received very positive feedback about the newsletter from the organization employees."
FSO/Manager - SAIC
"The personal security articles are a great tool for getting employees interested in security."
Security E&T Specialist - Bloomfield, IN