Save the Date. NSI's 38th Annual IMPACT Event Will Be Held
April 14 - 16, 2025 • Chantilly, VA • Westfields Marriott

Department of Defense and DCSA at IMPACT '24

DoD and DCSA Leaders Make Time for IMPACT to Share Vision, Provide Important Updates, Set Expectations, Offer Support & Insights, and Keep the Lines of Communication Open with You

Held every year in April,  IMPACT offers industry an early look into DCSA’s near term priorities, expectations and points of emphasis for 2024. Register now to stay on top of the policies, systems, processes and communication issues required to deliver a program that meets muster, optimizes the safeguarding of classified data, and protects the commercial interests of your business stakeholders.

DCSA is Engaged in a Strategic Transformation –
Which Means So Are You.

Make yourself invaluable to business and customer stakeholders by strengthening your relationship with DCSA and staying in command of compliance issues, up to date on the agency’s technology and process improvements, and up to speed on plans for the future that will impact your employer. 

Take full advantage during IMPACT to bring back DCSA insights and support in key areas such as counterintelligence, insider threats,  best practices and security education and awareness products. 

Come to IMPACT Ready to Learn What “Partnering” Means.

Even as DCSA continues to roll out improvements to internal operations and IT systems, it’s also working to refine methodology for evaluating defense contractor security programs, strengthen collaboration with industry partners, and take communication and transparency with industry to the next level. 

Even Change for the Better is Challenging .

This accomplished, expert panel will be at IMPACT to share expectations, provide important updates, offer support and insights, answer your questions, and keep the lines of communication open.

What is Your Rep Really Looking for When it Comes to Partnership with You?

Is the goal perfection? Is it consistent improvement? What does an acutal partner relationship between you and your rep look like? Get an insider view into what inspectors are looking for when it comes to a healthy, transparent and productive partnership with industry.

It’ll Never Happen to Me.

If you’ve ever heard someone at work saying it could never happen to them, not important enough to be targeted, too smart to be fooled, too loyal to be tempted – this IMPACT session is for you.

Return to work with stories you can share that help your people better understand the methods of approach bad actors use on ordinary people all the time.  Shake up their apathy.