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Here's What IMPACT 2017! Attendees Said About the Program

Impact provides a great opportunity to learn what’s coming down the pike. Excellent speakers and venue.  Every security professional should attend as this is the perfect venue to stay up to date.”
Ernie Fedewa, InCadence Strategic Solutions, Inc.

“I definitely got my money’s worth and thoroughly enjoyed the forum. I look forward to attending the Impact seminar every year.  The information and topics are always timely and informative.  This is an event all security professionals should attend.”
Jeff Caddy, MarkLogic Corporation

“As the FSO of a small business; this forum provides an excellent source of information.  I found the format and presenters to be very informative.”
Robert Lando, Advantage Consulting & Engineering Services

Overall Fantastic! Ninety five percent of the sessions were above expectations. I would highly recommend this program to other security professionals.”
William Holsclaw, MIT Lincoln Laboratiory

“Best seminar I’ve attended yet! Extremely knowledgeable speakers.”
Susan Saucier, ADS, Inc.

Outstanding!  Kudos to all presenters and staff.  He materials distributed will be very beneficial in enhancing my organization’s security program.”
Karen Wilkins, Booz Allen Hamilton

“As a first time attendee, I was impressed by the depth of knowledge of each speaker and the value of the information and materials they provided. I will definitely be back next year!”
Marcie Spalding, Next Century Corp.

“Excellent topics, very relevant and current.  Speakers were very knowledgeable and provided a great deal of insight.”
Joanne Louketis, Lockheed Martin

Knowledgeable and passionate presenters. Great case studies which made the topics more ‘real’ and useful.”
Ellen Bertuccelli, Northrop Grumman

“This was my first Impact Seminar and I thought it was great! The presenters spoke about relevant topics and gave information that I’m able to share with my peers.”
Jessica Steele, Lockheed Martin

“Very informative. Especially liked hearing from different government agencies and overall challenges we all face.”
Melinda Perez, HII – Newport News Shipbuilding