NSI's Security Reference Library

Did you know?

Industrial, agency and IT security teams at defense contractors and within government rely on NSI services to execute employee security awareness programs?

The Employee Security Connection

  • Exceeds NISPOM and other government agency requirements
  • Creates security awareness among employees responsible to properly handle classified and controlled unclassified information
  • Achieve outstanding inspection results
  • Delivered 4x year digitally – very easy to share 
  • Typically purchased by industrial or government security organization
  • Pennies per employee



  • Exceeds cybersecurity education requirements 
  • Creates cybersecurity awareness among all employees with concise and engaging micro-training articles
  • Written with the average employee in mind
  • Delivered digitally at start of each month – very easy to share 
  • Typically purchased by IT or proactive security leadership
  • Pennies per employee


Security Reference Library

Exclusive Benefit for IMPACT Attendees
In response to the overwhelmingly positive feedback from previous years participants, NSI is continuing its practice of providing IMPACT attendees with additional reference data in electronic format.  If you ever need to write policies, prepare reports, plan strategy, forecast trends, or justify procedures…you’ll appreciate having all this information at your fingertips.  You may even consider making several of these documents available on your Intranet site for your company or organization.

This Security Reference Library contains more than 1,400 documents covering the full range of security issues being discussed at this year’s conference.  It’s packed with articles, white papers, checklists, glossaries, reports, statutes, executive orders, manuals, surveys, and primary sources.  It is the most comprehensive collection of security-related information available, and it’s all organized in a user-friendly format.

Use Command F to Search
There are thousands of pages of information contained in this library.  Electronic reference documents are user-friendly, allowing for expedient searching by subject, phrase or key words.  You can also locate each occurrence of a term or phrase throughout a document with minimal time or effort.