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Share cyber-awareness content written with the average person in mind – your customers will appreciate it 

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Our Content is Easy to Understand and Quick to Read
Headlines, images and intro teasers all come together to invite a quick look. The quick, easy to read content ensures they won’t hesitate to look again next time. 


We Keep it Interesting for Your Customers
You get different types of stories and articles, all in a friendly, non-technical voice. Human interest, news bites, primers on a concept, how to,  examples of mistakes made, top 10’s, trends, “water cooler” stories, what to do when, FAQs and more


Leverage our content in your customer outreach and communications channels

There’s A Lot Your Customers Need to Know
We cover a variety of cyber, personal information, social media and physical security topics. There are many areas of risk for the average person. It’s the reason we provide you 20 articles and stories each month.

Most People Are Not Cyber-Savvy Enough

Most people are not very technical or cyber-savvy. They need help understanding the risks, identifying where they might be vulnerable and knowing how to protect themselves. 

By subscribing to SecuritySense you can provide that help to your customers

Cybercriminals Target Individuals 
Leverage our content in your online and offline communication channels to keep your customers safe from cyberthreats to their privacy, finances, property and family. 

Cybercriminals are targeting individuals at an alarming rate, taking advantage of the rapid digital transformation that’s impacting every area of life.

Ways to Leverage SecuritySense Content

You have maximum flexibility

One of the most popular approaches our clients take is to simply forward the monthly SecuritySense pdf newsletter to their customers – but from them as sender. 

Break it up
The formatted pdf also allows you to separate individual articles and stories from one another. This allows you to break up your campaign into waves if you want to communicate with greater frequency.

Paste into existing communications
Of course you may have your own newsletter and that’s why we provide the raw text and accompanying images. You can easily drop the content in and edit as you wish

Promote a rich cyber-resource center to customers
Most of our content is evergreen, meaning it is well suited to being posted in your resource center for all to access. You can post the individual pdfs or as post the newsletter as a whole or format them for yourself

Our Content Will Reflect Well on Your Brand

Our Content Strategy

As a subscriber you’re not just getting some information to share. 

We’ve developed a strategy to ensure the content reflects well on you and your brand and that your customers will be pleased.

Style, Length and Voice of the Writing

We present information in nearly a dozen different ways to keep it fresh and appeal to different personalities 

The voice of every article is casual and friendly; no one feels like they are in school or doing extra work when they read a SecuritySense story

The quick & easy read is designed to ensure no one regrets taking a look; we earn their trust that the content isn’t a time-sink or a time waster

Personal Life and Work Life Content 

Although your primary objective when sharing with customers is to support and protect their personal life, you also get content that equips them to be more cyber-savvy in their workplace as well. 

They’ll appreciate the mix because even workplace related content is written with the average, non-technical person in mind. 

Headlines & Teasers

Seems like it would be easy to write a headline but there’s an art to it. We think about 3 things as we write them.

  • Can we teach or reinforce something even if they only read the headline?

  • Can we intrigue them a little?

  • Is the topic clear?

Teasers are important for obvious reasons and we think about 3 things here as well.

  • Establish a friendly, casual connection with the reader right away

  • Can we get them wondering about something, a little curious?

  • Invite them to keep reading with a low-key call to action 

Topical Variety and Non-Technical Language

We cover a wide variety of security topics from cyber to personal data protection to physical, with an emphasis on cyber. We also circle back to core issues, but come at it from different angles. 

When combined with our writing strategy this approach brings color and real life to the kind of general warnings your customers might see in the news. We take topics that can seem too technical and abstract and make them accessible to your customers.


Subscribers Get 20 Articles & Stories Each Month

Your content comes formatted as a newsletter which can be broken up into units. And you get the raw text with accompanying images 

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