Articulate a Vision Everyone Sees Themselves Fitting Into

Your Vision of a Cyber-Savvy Company

Vision can seem like too grandiose of a word – It’s not.  Vision is simply persuasive communication that gets the team off the sideline and actively working with you towards something important. 

A security brand vision powered by SecuritySense offers you a unique opportunity as a security executive to lead a culture change that creates a more cyber-savvy mindset within every individual at the company  – the true goal of every security awareness program. 

The Cyber-Savvy Company

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Follow 3 Steps to Create a Powerful Security Brand

Not only does SecuritySense empower your team to execute, it gives you everything you need to articulate a persuasive security brand vision your company will respond to. 

After you’ve walked through the 3 steps below, see how our unique content strategy lets you deliver on your security brand vision, and find out how we empower your team to be effective marketers of your vision

Step 1

Flip the Script

Change the Security Narrative

The speed of digital transformation and the acceleration of cybercrime is a threat to your employees' personal lives - not just the fortunes of the company. 

How many people in your company really understand the security threats they face in their own personal lives?

Identity theft, online fraud, bogus text messages, social media phishing, smart camera hacking, spoofing, IOT hacking, PII privacy, child safety, scams on elderly parents. The list goes on and grows all the time.

How many of your employees know how to be safe or what to do if something goes wrong?

Cybercrime is impacting individuals at an alarming and accelerating rate. It's not just a problem for the company.

Flip the script and widen out your remit to include everyone. Start educating them about the risks they and their families face, not just the company.

Announce to the entire organization that you're not just here to protect the interests of the company. You care about the well being of the entire company community.

Let them know you're going to expand your security awareness program to teach them how to protect themselves as well as the company.

Step 2

Change How They See You

Answer the Question: What's In It For Me?

Change the way the company sees you and responds to you as the security leader by answering this important question: What's in it for me?

Once you've announced to the whole workforce that you're going to teach everyone how to protect themselves, as well as the company, from the tricks and traps of cybercriminals, you've flipped the script.

Now you've positioned yourself and your team as a trusted advisor on their side - a resource instead of a cop. Going forward every outreach and every communication will carry a much different connotation as you deliver on that promise.

SecuritySense empowers you to deliver on that promise by blending together personal and work related content. It's just one of the reasons why SecuritySense is such a successful security marketing communications program - it answers the question "What's in it for me?"

As you blend together content and information that helps protect individuals as well as the company you'll reap the benefit of a more proactive, curious and engaged audience.

Step 3

Show Them Where You’re Headed

Set a Vision Everyone Sees Themselves In

Our goal over the next 36 months is to become a cyber-savvy company filled with individuals who know how to protect themselves and the company from cybercrime. 

When you say "cyber-savvy company" what you're really saying is you're going to become a company filled with cyber-savvy individuals.

"We're all going to get smarter about protecting ourselves, our families, our customers and our company."

Your new strategic initiative is now a benefit to the company and to every individual who works there.

By setting a 36 month horizon you communicate urgency and set a credible target.

You have also set the stage for an internal communications program that will function for you as both an internal PR campaign as well as a security marketing campaign.

And with the help of SecuritySense the execution will be easy and highly cost effective.

What Happens When You Establish a Security Brand Vision for the Company?

By following these 3 strategy steps you’ve led the way to creating a cyber-savvy company made up of cyber-savvy individuals. You’ve established a security brand vision, one that everyone can see themselves fitting into.

Here are some of the key outcomes of promoting a security brand vision:

High Favorability for You and Your Organization

Greater Level of Risk Mitigation

Executing the Vision

Now that you've seen how SecuritySense provides you the framework for your security brand vision ...