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In the sample content below you’ll see a blend of personal and business focused articles – a key part of our content strategy.  You’ll also see a wide variety of article types and security topics – also part of our content strategy. 

If you read a few you’ll notice the carefully crafted teasers, headlines and calls to action – yep, you guessed it, content strategyAnd lastly you’ll pick up on the fact that our writing style is non technical, friendly and concise. Our content strategy is designed to help you get real engagement with your audience. 

4 Things Crooks Love to See  In Your Social Media Profile

4 Things Crooks Love to See In Your Social Media Profile

Want to make an identity thief, spy, or burglar happy? Hand them all sorts of personally identifiable info in your Facebook or Instagram profile. Here are some tips from the experts...
FAQ: Security and the Cloud

FAQ: Security and the Cloud

Over the past few years, you’ve probably heard or read about “the cloud”—but do you know what it is, and how it may affect your work life?  We’ll answer some frequently asked questions about this tech trend impacting just about every industry... 
The Ransomware Perfect Storm

The Ransomware Perfect Storm

A new report warns that the “perfect storm” of conditions have come together and allowed ransomware attacks to run rampant against organizations around the world. The good news is that the average employee can easily help in the fight. Find out how....
Are You Keeping Your CISO Up At Night?

Are You Keeping Your CISO Up At Night?

You probably don't think about it too much. Why would you? You have your own job to worry about. But there are a couple of real easy things you can do to help your security team sleep better at night, so why not check'em out?
Protect Yourself: 5 Signs of a Phone Hack

Protect Yourself: 5 Signs of a Phone Hack

Mobile threats have evolved rapidly and they're more sophisticated than ever before. Watch for these signs that you've been hacked...
Insider Threat: Former VP Goes Rogue

Insider Threat: Former VP Goes Rogue

A former vice president of a Georgia company was recently put behind bars for wreaking havoc and sabotaging systems using bogus credentials after he was fired...

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12 Different Types of Articles

People respond to different types of articles. We provide you with a variety. Human interest, news bites, primers on a concept, how to, mini case studies, examples of epic security fails, top 10’s, FAQs, trends, analyst findings, water cooler anecdotes, 
what to do when, industry spotlights and more 

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Whether you plan to use our newsletter as the cornerstone of your program or leverage the steady supply of content to support your larger training and education program, SecuritySense makes your work easier. 

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When you also provide your employees with information that helps them protect themselves from cybercrime, theft and fraud your whole program becomes a lot more relevant to them. 

It’s a very effective way to get your audience to pay attention and engage

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Headlines, images and intro teasers all come together to invite a quick look.

The friendly, non technical voice and the easy to read content ensures they’ll look again next time because you didn’t waste their time. 

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You’ll always have plenty of content to match with your themes or areas of special emphasis. 

We cover a variety of cyber, information and even physical security topics, with an emphasis on cyber. We provide you 20 articles and stories each month.

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If you conduct employee training it might be periodic and can often feel a little academic to the trainee.

Reinforce those principles and concepts with an engaging promotional approach that’s always on and doesn’t feel like work to read.

As they engage with our real life content your employees will make connections back to your training principles

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People who practice good security habits at home bring those habits to work. Which is why we appreciate the mix of company focused and home focused content in SecuritySense. Our employees tell me all the time they look forward to reading the SecuritySense articles. It gets our employees engaged and supports our overall cybersecurity training and education program.
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