Information security awareness for every employee

CSOs and CISOs Get the SECURITYsense Message Out

Here’s how our customers tell us they get SECURITYsense in front of everyone in their company

  • Forward the monthly SECURITYsense directly to all employees in its entirety
  • Post select messages on internal networks, websites and communities
  • Email select messages on weekly or bi-weekly schedule
  • Create screen savers
  • Share content in company newsletters and other communications
  • Create mini posters and handouts

How Do You Sell Security?

Communication from you to the rest of the company is expected, necessary, important and relevant. Let us make it easier for you to be effective.

  • Managers and staff love our personally relevant messages
  • It takes consistent and repeated communication to create awareness
  • The writing style of SECURITYsense is friendly, helpful and non-technical
  • See the topics SECURITYsense covers for you

Use Other Departments to Get the Message Out

The personal, non-technical style makes SECURITYsense content appropriate for other departments to use in their internal communications.

  • The personal security story lines are perfect for Human Resource newsletters, announcements, intranet content
  • Other departments are always looking for extra content for internal newsletters and other communications. Pass SECURITYsense along to them and let them know they can use the articles
  • Leverage these partnerships to help promote a culture of security and compliance in your company

Customization is Easy (If You Want)

SECURITYsense content is ready to use “out of the box,” easily emailed and posted to your Intranet. But you can customize as you wish. Here’s what some of our customers do:

  • Brand it with company logo; e.g. Your Company’s SECURITYsense
  • Insert company-specific messages or reminders
  • Add company-specific context to a particular story
  • Add a quick note explaining how your company addresses an issue
  • Insert links to your policies and procedures

Consistent Communication Creates Awareness

  • You already know that regular and consistent communication is half the battle in awareness creation. But isn’t it a real challenge to come up with fresh material and compelling content on a steady basis?
  • Put your awareness content on autopilot with SECURITYsense

Here’s what’s security professionals in leading corporations are saying about SECURITYsense.

"We view security awareness as a ‘product’ that we must ‘sell’ to employees. Our employees are inundated with on-line information that competes for their attention. We find that the format, style, and content of SECURITYsense captures employees’ attention and increases the likelihood that the employee will read our security articles."

Ray Hankinson
Mitre Corporation

"With so many competing priorities, it can sometimes be a challenge to find the time to pull together security awareness materials for our employees. SECURITYsense makes it easy for us to distribute effective information articles on important topics, allowing us to invest that saved time into other areas."

Adam Holland
Verizon Wireless

"Very cost-effective. SECURITYsense helps us generate and maintain our employees' interest in security issues without having to spend the hours and hours it would take to pull together this kind of valuable information ourselves. SECURITYsense has been a staple in our overall security education program."

John Petze
Pratt & Whitney