It Only Costs Pennies per Employee for Your Organization to Roll Out an Effective, Well Received and Automatic Security Awareness Program

How many employees in your program? 

Continuous Promotion is Critical

Employee error and lack of awareness is a major point of exploitation for cybercriminals. It takes more than technology and employee trainings to protect your company.

You have to keep up a steady beat of communication in order to move everyone towards a more intuitive, protective and appropriately skeptical attitude. SecuritySense makes it easy to do so in an effective and inexpensive way.

By Any Measure Becoming a SecuritySense Subscriber Makes Sense For Any Size Company

Think about it. For literally pennies per employee you can deliver a continuous security awareness promotion campaign that saves you a lot of time, reinforces cybersecurity training principles and is well received by everyone because the content is about protecting them as well as the company.

- Zero risk - cancel anytime
- The cost is literally pennies per employee
- 20 articles per month, covering every security topic

Get a Ton of Time Back for Other Duties

You have a lot to do. Here is a very cost effective way to make yourself more productive and effective.

- Plenty of content
- Wide variety of article types
- No researching, writing
- Comes formatted and as text
- Ready to share when you get it
- Lots of flexibility

She gets it!

For just pennies per employee per year SecuritySense is an outstanding value. No matter what type of program you have or don't have SecuritySense is an extremely cost effective solution

Budget pressure? Rely on our 20 articles per month to bring security awareness to your entire workforce

Need to ensure your training spend delivers an ROI? Integrate our micro-training articles into your communications program to drive home your training principles in way your employees will respond to and engage with

Do you want to drive an actual culture change? Use SecuritySense to empower your vision of a Cyber-Savvy Company. What's the ROI on that!