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SecuritySense is a digital newsletter & content service. Our expertly written micro-training articles speak the language of the average employee and break through their apathy towards security topics.

Use SecuritySense in any of your communication channels or leverage the PDF newsletter we provide - or both!

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What is your return on investment?

Investment in automatic and effective employee awareness communications like SecuritySense is a very easy decision to make and justify. 

The average cost* of a breach for a small company size (less than 500 people) is about $2M while for a company size of between 5-10,000 people the cost of a security breach is about $5M. 

We price our smallest company size plan at just $588 per year and for organizations between 5-10,000 people we charge just $2,388 per year. 

And we haven’t even factored in the time and resources savings/productivity boost you get when you outsource content creation to SecuritySense…

 * 2020 IBM Cost of a Data Breach Report


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What do I get?

You get fresh content for your employees every month covering all the important security topics. There are more than a dozen types of articles and stories so you’ll always have a variety of fresh ways to connect with everyone in your program.

Why should I subscribe?

Employee apathy is the opposite of security awareness. You need an effective, always-running communications program to bring your training and education efforts to life, to get individuals in your company to make the connection.