Information security awareness for every employee

What Makes SECURITYsense So Effective at
Spreading Information Security Awareness?

Our customer CSOs and CISOs like the ready-made content they receive each month because it breaks through common barriers to information security awareness.

  • Personally relevant security content grabs employees’ attention
  • Employees who understand cyber risks at home will understand the risks at work
  • Seeing the impact of cyber-mistakes on other companies makes it real
  • Consistent communication is required to drive behavior change
  • Technical language is translated into "Plain English" that resonates with the average employee

As Employees Become Cyber-aware in their Personal Lives –
it Translates to their Professional Lives

  • People who better understand their cyber risks at home, understand their company’s vulnerabilities at work
  • For example – as they learn about issues like identity theft, they also learn about the importance of private customer data protection
  • When they find out how adversely viruses and phishing scams can affect their finances and privacy, they understand the risks of social engineering and cyber crime to their employer

Your People Will Pay More Attention When
Your Messages are Personally Relevant

  • Just like you and me, your employees naturally perk up when they sense a message is personally relevant
  • You are in a competition for attention. And let’s face it, information security
    isn’t the first thing folks at work are thinking about
  • The info security topics found in SECURITYsense strikes a balanced mix of personal and business relevant messages, keeping your employees more interested and more engaged

Employees Think Differently When they See
the Damage Done to Other Companies

  • Security breaches and their impact can seem like an abstraction to the average employee
  • But just like learning that your neighbor’s house was recently broken into, finding out that companies just like yours paid a steep price for cyber mistakes will prod your employees to greater vigilance and awareness
  • Always woven into the content of SECURITYsense are brief, well written real life stories about organizations that paid a price for mistakes that could have easily been prevented by people thinking twice

Technical Language Doesn’t Resonate with Employees

  • Our professional writers are experts at translating technical information and jargon into compelling messages with a story-like feel to them
  • These kind of brief, interesting messages are better received than policy & procedure memos, or lists of do’s and don’ts that – quite frankly – easily get tuned out
  • So even if you’re not a writer or a trainer, with the help of SECURITYsense you can deploy a successful awareness program that is highly relevant and engaging for employees

Ingrid Nunez, Dell Services, Information Security Awareness Product Manager

"I think the monthly articles are great. I like the size of each article and the simplicity of the information.
I also appreciate the mix of topics that are geared toward personal security and safety."