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How's it work?

SecuritySense complements your security training program by persuasively connecting your message with everyone in the company. Here’s how:

The content gets their attention 
It’s a mix of stories and articles that help them at home and work, so it’s relevant. We write catchy headlines and craft teasers that get to the point.

The content isn’t work
The stories and articles are concise, easy to read, friendly, non-technical and interesting. After looking at one they won’t hesitate to look again

Your “brand” is about them too
Being persuasive is all about showing your audience what’s in it for them and demonstrating relevance. With content that helps them protect themselves at home and the company as well, your security awareness message is about them as much as it’s about the company


They make the connection
Relatable stories and easy to understand real world examples reinforce your training principles. They make the connection back to your concepts, exercises and warnings

You’re in the advertising business
It takes consistency if you want your message to stick. You can easily maintain a steady rhythm of communication when you have a steady supply of content


A rich cyber-resource center
Most of our content is evergreen, meaning it is well suited to being posted in your resource center for all to access. You can post the individual pdfs or as post the newsletter as a whole or format them for yourself

Your own internal security blog
Blogging is hard because consistently coming up with content is hard. You can use our content to keep up a regular security blog that you can promote internally

We've been sharing SecuritySense content monthly with our employees for over 5 years. We love that it has security information that can help our employees in their personal lives as well as at work. We know that providing security awareness to employees for their personal use carries over to their work life. We highly recommend Security Sense.
Industrial Security, Spirit AeroSystems


You receive 20 timely stories/articles each month. The content comes both as a newsletter and as individual units.

Well-Received by Everyone
We get feedback all the time from customers telling us how much their employees look forward to receiving the content

Because the content is a blend of personal life and professional life everyone in the company will engage with your message

We cover a variety of cyber, information and even physical security topics, with an emphasis on cyber. You always have plenty of content to match with your themes or specific areas you need to address

Concise & Easy to Read
Getting your employee’s attention and earning trust with a quick and easy read is a key feature of our content

You get different types of stories and articles, all in a friendly, non-technical voice. Human interest, news bites, primers on a concept, how to, mini case studies, examples of epic security fails, top 10’s, FAQs, trends, analyst findings, water cooler anecdotes, what to to when, Industry spotlights and more 

Ways to Leverage the Content

You have maximum flexibility 

Most popular
One of the most popular approaches our customers take is simply forwarding on the pdf newsletter throughout the company when it arrives. They’ll add a little commentary or note to their email, point out a couple of articles to checkout and hit send

Break it up
The formatted pdf also allows you to separate individual articles and stories from one another. This allows you to break up your campaign into waves if you like so you can maintain a weekly outreach, for example

Paste into your existing communications
Of course you might have your own newsletter and that’s why we provide the raw text and accompanying images. You can easily drop the content in and edit as you wish

SecuritySense is an outstanding resource for any type of company, any sector. For over a decade I've relied on their concise but highly informative security messages to help augment my formal employee awareness programs. From sectors including aerospace, defense, energy and commercial, I've deployed the SecuritySense micro-training security articles and garnered excellent feedback from employees across the spectrum.

With SecuritySense's messaging demonstrating applicability on both personal and professional security topics, I'm able to broadly employ timely and relevant security topics to help continually foster a culture of security in a cost effective way.
Vice President, Schneider Electric

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People who practice good security habits at home bring those habits to work. Which is why we appreciate the mix of company focused and home focused content in SecuritySense. Our employees tell me all the time they look forward to reading the SecuritySense articles. It gets our employees engaged and supports our overall cybersecurity training and education program.
Director Cybersecurity Education, MIT Lincoln Laboratory