After 30+ years as a

After 30+ years as a security professional in both industry and government organizations, I attended my first IMPACT Conference in 2023. As with many conferences external to federal government entities, the subject matter presented was geared more towards industry and the dissimilar challenges shared by FSOs and ISSMs/ISSOs alike. As a former Corporate FSO, the material discussed was beneficial and the networking proved very valuable making the conference worthy of attendance. From the perspective of government security, the conference was still worth the time and money spent to attend. Many career professionals shared valuable security information beneficial to both industry and government based organizations. However, I would recommend making appropriate travel arraignments (i.e. rent a vehicle) provided future events are held at the Westfields Marriott. Not many eating establishments within suitable walking distance. Bottom Line: Everyone should go at least once and decide for themselves the level of benefit received from attendance.

John F. Brown