IMPACT’s interdisciplinary program energizes and equips you to stay in command of NISPOM compliance policies, issues, systems and processes; develop a professional understanding of today’s evolving security threats and risks; optimize security programs for efficiency and cost-effectiveness; and create positive engagement and productive relationships with your internal and external stakeholders.

Equipping Industrial and Government Security Professionals to Make an Impact Since 1985

A Truly Security-Engaged Workforce is Key to NISPOM Compliance.

Signs of a Truly Security-Engaged Workforce

  • Widespread awareness of NISP responsibilities 
  • Growing knowledge of threat vectors and realities 
  • Greater cooperation with your program 
  • A facility prepared for interaction with inspectors
  • More business support for your program
  • Respect and appreciation for your awareness outreach 
  • Protection of what’s valuable becomes a culturally shared objective

NSI’s Security Connection Awareness Service is a True Game-Changer

Protect Your FCL from a Bad Inspection Result or Security Incident

Meet NISPOM Requirements for Consistent Awareness Outreach

Impress Inspectors with Your Proactive and Consistent Approach

See Greater Cooperation from Everyone in Your Program

Give SMO an Easy Opportunity to Demonstrate Business Support

Mitigate Financial Risk as Well As Compliance Risk

What Does it Mean to Create Security-Engagement?

Put NSI's Security Connection to Work

Creating security engagement means you’ve made a connection with busy people who don’t yet realize why they should care about security. It gives you the opportunity and the means to be persuasive.

That’s what NSI’s Security Connection does for you.  Start reaping the rewards of fostering a truly security-engaged workforce by subscribing today.

Cybersecurity-Engaged Workforce

NSI provides awareness and education services to promote steady development of a cybersecurity-engaged workforce across industry and government.

Failure of Security Awareness Comes with Tremendous Costs, Financial and More

NSI helps its clients create the kind of cyber-security engaged workforce necessary to drive down security risk and defend against cybercriminals, hackers and social engineers. Clients are supported with effective strategies that get through to busy people.

Cybersecurity-Engaged Workforce 

Everyone at work is a target for cyber spies, hackers and social engineers. Help your employees avoid being the entry point for an attack. Enlist them as front-line defenders. Make sure they’re part of the solution and not part of the problem by keeping them cybersecurity-engaged.

Cybersecurity-Engaged Customers

Coming Soon: a value-add service you can provide your customers and clients to help them be cyber-safe and protect themselves from the accelerating risks of our interconnected world. 

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Founded by two defense industry security executives in 1985, The National  Security Institute provides services to support the National Industrial Security Program (NISP) and the steady development of a cybersecurity-engaged workforce across all of industry and government.