Outsource Your Security Awareness Outreach

Leverage our 36 year's worth of experience persuading people to engage with security awareness content and change behavior

We Offer 2 Employee Newsletter/Content Services

Subscribers receive fully formatted and easily edited pdf newsletters as well as a plain text version which can be used in multiple channels.

The Employee Security Connection is a quarterly publication uniquely designed for use by defense and federal contractors, government agencies and military facilities. Meets NISPOM and all other federal requirements for a continuous security awareness program.

SecuritySense is a monthly publication used by both IT and traditional security teams to create cybersecurity and info security awareness. Our proven content strategy is very popular with employees because of its concise, winsome and informative style. 

Subscribers come from all industries including banks, hospitals, defense contractors, government agencies, municipalities, insurance companies, utilities, industrials, higher education and small businesses. Meets federal Cybersecurity Maturity Model requirements as well as industry specific requirements for a continuous cybersecurity awareness program.

Why Trust NSI for Security Awareness Content?

We founded the company 36 years ago on a proven security awareness strategy that actually engages people who don't think much about security

Our company founders figured out the secret of getting ordinary folks to pause, consider and engage with security awareness content while they were responsible for keeping U.S. technology secrets out of the hands of corporate and foreign spies in the early 1980s.

They learned from experience that, unless the word “security” is in their title, the average employee has too many other work issues on their minds to stop and think about security. So they developed a program strategy designed to get people engaged with their message and winsomely persuade them to incorporate good security practices into their work routines.

We’ve been in the business of helping security professionals build trust and persuade employees to pause and take time to engage with security awareness content for over 36 years. We are continuously optimizing our content strategy to help you break through employee apathy and get them to take security seriously.

We're Your Best Friend - We're On Your Side!

We understand you're stretched to capacity. Let us take part of the load and you take the credit for an outstanding security awareness outreach program.


Our content is concise, engaging and informative - the employees in your program will read it and learn from it.

Games are nice, but helpful and short articles that don't feel like work to read are also a great way to make your employees cyber-savvy.


What's the difference between Employee Security Connection and SecuritySense?

SecuritySense is focused on cybersecurity and info security awareness. It’s perfect for any industry and any size of organization. Subscribers include banks, hospitals, defense contractors, utilities, insurance companies, industrial manufacturers, universities and colleges, government agencies, among others.

The Employee Security Connection is tailored to the information needs of cleared employees within defense and other government contractors, government agencies and the military services. The focus is broader than cybersecurity and tackles all the issues cleared employees need to be aware of. 

What's the same between Employee Security Connection and SecuritySense?

Would I ever want both newsletters?

If you work in defense or government, your overall organization has two distinct remits: the unique requirement to specifically educate cleared employees and the urgent need to drive cybersecurity awareness among every single person in the organization. 

Sometimes the security organization purchases both newsletters and sometimes the IT security team will be the group that subscribes to SecuritySense because it is focused on cybersecurity and is specifically for the enterprise. 

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