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Employee Security Awareness Content

Getting the average employee in any business (large or small) to think about cybersecurity and maintain good security habits can be a hard sell. You need content that gets their attention.

SecuritySense provides you with easy to share content that’s engaging, effective and gets the attention of the average employee and makes them cyber-savvy at home and work.

Business Conference and Presentation. Audience at the conference hall.

Annual Seminar & Networking

Understand today’s gravest information and cyber security threats posed by nation states, terrorists, cyber-criminals and other bad actors.

At IMPACT you’ll take away the latest strategies and hear directly from those fighting on the front lines. Hear from top leaders in government agencies and network with your peers


Newsletter for Defense Organizations & Contractors

Educate your employees on their responsibilities to protect classified and sensitive materials. It’s critical that everyone knows that strong security habits is key facet of their job

Fulfill your NISPOM/Agency requirements for employee awareness with a subscription to the Employee Security Connection

Our Clients

Our Client List May Surprise You

Of course we continue to serve government agencies, military branches and defense contractors.

But we also have extended our services to meet the needs of industries like banking, software & technology services, education, financial services, insurance, industrial products, engineering, construction, utilities, municipalities, R&D facilities, public transportation and more. 

Here’s a few below:

Air Force
Nasa Glen Research
State Farm
City Of Tampa
Dfcu Financial
Central Hudson

About The National Security Institute

We’ve been helping companies protect sensitive data, information and proprietary technology from outside and inside threats for over 35 years.

Cybercriminals of all stripes target your employees as weak points.

Our special area of expertise is people. Whether it’s carelessness, apathy, ignorance or for personal gain — people find a way of undoing even the most advanced safeguards you put in place. 

NSI exists to help you drive down the security risk that comes from people being people.  

Whether unwittingly or for personal gain it’s the average employee who lets in the threats that take over networks, compromise data and steal technology.