Our mission is to make it super easy for you to market cybersecurity awareness to everyone at your company. We’re here to help you be more persuasive and support your work to make the entire company cyber-savvy.

Ready-Made Security Awareness Content

Content that let’s you market cybersecurity awareness to your employees

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Maybe you’re not a “marketer.” But you can be. You can get their attention with content that’s relatable, relevant, concise and enjoyable to read. We get feedback all the time from your peers who tell us their employees look forward to receiving SecuritySense. 

Create More Employee Engagement

Content your employees read because it’s about them AND the company

Steady Communication

Just like a brand marketer, if you want to create security awareness you have to promote your message week-in, week out. With a steady supply of content it's easy to execute a continuous security brand awareness campaign on your timetable

Friendly Voice & Concise Stories

Our content is written with the average employee in mind. The kind that don't have "security" in their title. SecuritySense is concise, non-technical and, most importantly, relatable. It won't feel like they're being given extra work to do

A Blend of Personal & Work

People pay attention to content they find personally relevant. Our content is a blend of work & personal cybersecurity tips, warnings, human interest stories, instructions and insights that everyone looks forward to receiving

Subscribe to Fresh Monthly Awareness Content

SecuritySense is a subscription-based content service that provides you a consistent supply of fresh cybersecurity awareness content so you can easily maintain an ongoing cybersecurity brand awareness campaign

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Cyber-Savvy at Home is Cyber-Savvy at Work

When your cybersecurity marketing helps them, your employees pay more attention. 

Protect Yourself and Family

Protect Your Company and Customers

Cybersecurity Awareness Campaign Made Easy

Execution is easy when you have the content

Your subscription includes already formatted PDFs + plus you get the raw text & accompanying images so you can format it as you like

Weekly Outreach

Use the pdfs or raw content to create awareness through steady promotion. Your email campaign will be well received because of its value both personally and professionally.

CyberResource Center

Use the pdfs or the raw content to create a resource center of personal and work relevant content you provide as a service to your employees

CyberSecurity Blog

Create your own brand as the security team that helps people stay protected at home as well as do their part to protect the company. You'll never run out of content to keep it fresh & engaging

Monthly Outreach

Some of our customers take the entire pdf and send it out like a newsletter, or they use the raw content in already existing company communications


A well-rounded cybersecurity strategy incorporates protection technology, employee training and an on-going security brand awareness campaign

Protection Technologies - $$$

It's still the sad truth that employee error, apathy and sometimes malice can let threats into the network. Not to mention more old-school ways of spying and targeting your employees in their social networks outside of work. Your risk mitigation strategy is incomplete without a plan for people

Training - $$

Employee training is a due diligence activity that effectively educates your team. Employees who don't have "security" in their title aren't usually proactive about learning what it takes to protect the company from cyberthreats. That's where training comes in.

Awareness Brand Campaign - ¢¢

Experts say the best marketing resonates when the audience finds the content of the message personally relevant. Your awareness program is incomplete if you're not routinely reaching out with message that's friendly, helpful and personally relevant.

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