Over 90% of Cybersecurity Incidents Are Made Possible by Ordinary People on the Inside

Raise the Cyber IQ of Your Entire Organization From Top to Bottom

Cybercriminals and social engineers spend all day thinking about how to exploit each and every person inside your organization so they can gain access. Over 90% of the outcomes you are charged with preventing trace back to the failure of adequate security awareness. 

Announce to your leadership and colleagues that you’re proactively implementing a campaign that mitigates your organization’s accelerating financial, operational and reputation risk arising from:

  • Ransomware, malware
  • Theft of money, data, intellectual property
  • Compromise of internal communications, customer data, customer safety
  • Protracted down-time with devastating consequences

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SecuritySense makes your people cyber-savvy at home and work

Perfect for Busy People

Micro-training awareness posts engage and educate in less than a minute. 

Key Concept Reinforcement

Important security principles are reinforced each month in a variety of ways.

What You Can Do

Clear and concise action steps so people can do their part.

A Breeze to Read

SecuritySense is written with a friendly voice and helpful tone.

Cyber-Savvy at Home & Work

Answer the question “What’s in it for me?” with personal and work relevant content.

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Fix the human vulnerabilities that lead to cyber-attacks

Ransomware, malware, viruses. Theft of data, money, intellectual property. Compromise of internal communications, customer data, customer safety. Protracted downtime with disastrous consequences. Over 90% of these outcomes trace back to failure of adequate security awareness among non-security folks.  

SecuritySense is an outstanding resource for any type of company, any sector. For over a decade I've relied on their concise but highly informative security messages to help augment my formal employee awareness programs. From sectors including aerospace, defense, energy and commercial, I've deployed the SecuritySense micro-training security articles and garnered excellent feedback from employees across the spectrum. With SecuritySense's messaging demonstrating applicability on both personal and professional security topics, I'm able to broadly employ timely and relevant security topics to help continually foster a culture of security in a cost effective way.
VP Security, North America Operations, Schneider Electric
With so many competing priorities, it can sometimes be a challenge to find the time to pull together security awareness materials for our employees. SecuritySense makes it easy for us to distribute effective information articles on important topics, allowing us to invest that saved time into other areas.
People who practice good security habits at home bring those habits to work. Which is why we appreciate the mix of company focused and home focused content in SecuritySense. Our employees tell me all the time they look forward to reading the SecuritySense articles. It gets our employees engaged and supports our overall cybersecurity training and education program.
Security Education and Data Analyst, MIT Lincoln Laboratory
Your service saves me from having to decide specific areas to address, carry out content research, compose articles and edit initial efforts. The articles are just the right length to post. It only takes a minute to glean key points.
BAE Systems
Our employees compliment SecuritySense all the time. It's actually surprising how much feedback we get from users. After reading a SecuritySense article they will follow up with us and ask where they can get more information on the topic. One of the key reasons we subscribe is because it complements our training program very nicely. SecuritySense content makes it real for them and puts meat on the bone of what we teach and train.
Newport News
Cyber Assurance Group - Newport News Shipbuilding
Very cost-effective. SecuritySense helps us generate and maintain our employees' interest in security issues without having to spend the hours and hours it would take to pull together this kind of valuable information ourselves.

SecuritySense has been a staple in our overall security education program.
Pratt & Whitney
We've been a subscriber for nearly 10 years. Having the monthly SecuritySense content allows us to conserve time for infosec duties while we also execute an ongoing awareness program.

SecuritySense content aligns very well with other materials we produce and is always timely and has a nice breadth of topics. The inclusion of personal cybersecurity content for our employees aligns with our own philosophy of promoting good infosecurity habits at home as well as at work.
The Standard
Information Security Analyst, The Standard Insurance Company
We've been sharing SecuritySense content monthly to our employees for over 5 years. We love that it has security information that can help our employees in their personal lives as well as at work. We know that providing security awareness to employees for their personal use carries over to their work life. We highly recommend Security Sense.
Industrial Security, Spirit AeroSystems
I have a large operational footprint. The fact that I don’t have to worry about content is a big deal for our productivity. And it’s not just the convenience. I’ve come to trust the SecuritySense content to be on point, timely and covering the right topics. The concise stories and articles are like seeds that we are able to plant in the minds of our employees on a regular basis. They’re engaging, easy to read. I highly recommend SecuritySense.
Director of Law Enforcement Services - Kace Company