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Articles about Employee Security Awareness

Here at NSI, we read lots of articles and information relating to security and security awareness. The articles listed below have been written by other authors – we provide them as a resource for you.

Data Security Too Technology Focused, says PwC report
Warwick Ashford, ComputerWeekly.com

Many organizations are complacent when it comes to information security and assume it will not happen to them, while individuals tend to think it is someone else's problem, research by PwC has found. The traditional response to improving protection and reducing risk has been strongly biased towards spending more money on technology. But this approach of finding technical solutions to what is widely perceived as a technical problem is misguided, according to Craig Lunnon, OneSecurity, PwC. "Technical solutions are too frequently being prescribed for people problems," he said.

How to Create a Security Culture in Your Organization
Glenda Rotvold, Entrepreneur Magazine

A recent study reveals the importance of assessment, incident response procedures, and social engineering testing in improving security awareness program.

Five Ways to Turn Employees into Security Assets for Protecting Data
Glen Kosaka, Trend Micro

Article explains how to prevent data leaks by raising security awareness and gaining employee support.

Data Breaches Up Almost 50 Percent, Affecting Records of 35.7 Million People
Brian Krebs, Washington Post

Businesses, governments and educational institutions reported nearly 50 percent more data breaches last year than in 2007, exposing the personal records of at least 35.7 million Americans, according to a nonprofit group that works to prevent identity fraud.

Redspin: 94% of Companies Fail Email Test
Dark Reading

Most organizations are vulnerable to phishing and social engineering attacks. The number one vulnerability? Free thumb drives.

The Threat Within: Protecting Information Assets from Well-Meaning Employees
Jagat Shah, Help Net Security

Most information security experts will agree that employees form the weakest link when it comes to corporate information security. Malicious insiders aside, well-intentioned employees bear responsibility for a large number of breaches today, by Jagat Shah -- CTO of Prism Microsystems.

Train Employees – Your Best Defense – For Security Awareness
Luis Navarro, SC Magazine

With so many security threats on the horizon, it may be comforting to know the strongest security asset is already inside the company -- your employees.

Costs of a Data Breach: Can You Afford $6.65 Million?
Dr. Larry Ponemon, Ponemon Institute, CIO for CIO Magazine

The Ponemon Institute painstakingly analyzed the financial impact a data breach has on a company by examining 43 different companies from a cross section of industries, all of which experienced a significant data breach affecting a range of data records representative of the norm.

Security Managers Warned to Address Employees Flouting Rules

Too many companies leave themselves vulnerable to employees' ignorance or purposeful flouting of the rules when it comes to information security, suggests a survey conducted by (ISC)2.

Social Networks Pose Security Risks for Enterprises
Peter Dinham, ltwire.com

Employees accessing social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter while at work pose a problem for their bosses as they grapple with the dilemma of allowing them to use Web 2.0 tools responsibly, without sacrificing their business security and regulatory compliance requirements by Peter Dinham.

ISF Lists Top 10 Future Information Security Threats
Information Security Forum

Cybercrime is at the top of the Information Security Forum's (ISF) Threat Horizon list for 2011, which highlights the growth of 'Crimeware as a Service' offered by criminal gangs along with infiltration into organizations for insider attacks.