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Solve your security awareness training problem. Instantly.

Protecting classified and sensitive information depends more than ever on the human element of security – employees.

The sad fact is, employees are still the weakest link in the security chain because they’re not trained to be security-conscious. A recent report by Ernst & Young finds that "security awareness programs at many organizations are weak, half-hearted and ineffectual." As a result, employees ignore them.

Now you can gain visibility and buy-in for your security program with the EMPLOYEE SECURITY CONNECTION – the proven security awareness solution exclusively for cleared defense contractors and government agencies.

EMPLOYEE SECURITY CONNECTION gives you the tools you need to convince everyone in your organization – from top management to the mailroom – of the need to practice good security, day in and day out.

The only publication of its kind, EMPLOYEE SECURITY CONNECTION trains all of your employees to be security-minded, not just for the duration of an annual refresher briefing, but all the time.

Best of all, EMPLOYEE SECURITY CONNECTION costs pennies per employee – the annual fee of $1,095 covers everyone at your facility.


Order Now!Don’t let lax employee behaviors undermine your security program.








Meets and Exceeds:

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