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NSI Special Reports

The National Security Institute has produced the following Special Reports to enhance your understanding of the growing threats to sensitive data and risk mitigation strategies that address the root cause of security breaches – the human factor.


Cyber Security: Keeping Up With the Threat

An exclusive report by the National Security Institute

Aside from nuclear war and weapons of mass destruction, cyber attacks pose the single greatest threat to U.S. security – and they are growing more and more difficult to prevent.  

One clear indicator of the threat is the sheer volume of breaches. Cyber attacks on federal computer systems have increased more than 250% over the last two years, according to the Homeland Security Department. 

Cyber attacks are a clear and present danger and the potential for both accidental and deliberate breaches of sensitive information is a growing concern. Innocent but careless employee actions can set the table for attacks by more malicious parties.

This report examines several types of cyber threats that businesses and government agencies alike must be on the lookout for including: cyber espionage, cyber terrorism, mobile computing and social engineering. It also offers guidance on how to mitigate cyber security risks through increased awareness and teaching users how to act securely and responsibly whether they are at their desks or on the road.

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Improving Security from the Inside Out:
A Business Case for Corporate Security Awareness

An exclusive report by the National Security Institute

Corporate America spends untold amounts of time and money every year to ensure that its information systems are secure from cyber attacks. But while Internet security technology is commonly deployed by companies of all sizes, there’s one relatively low-tech flank that is often lightly guarded — employees.

When it comes to breaching company security, it’s the people with daily, unlimited access to company trade secrets, customer lists, and proprietary information that warrant extra attention. And when company secrets can be sent around the world with the click of a mouse, it’s increasingly critical to secure corporate data from the inside out.

To be effective, security must become part of every employee’s job. Unfortunately, organizations are leaving themselves open to security breaches because their information security awareness training is woefully inadequate.

This exclusive report from NSI presents an organizational security approach that information security managers can use as a roadmap to initiate an effective employee security awareness program.

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