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Are you neglecting the biggest risk to your Information Security?

One employee can undo your entire security investment — and reputation — in an instant.

At any moment, your organization could be seriously compromised by the actions of a single employee — working in the office, on the road, or from home.

Experts say that nearly 75% of security breaches are “inside jobs” – like the untrained employee who downloads sensitive data on her thumb drive and walks out the door . . . or the worker who brings an infected laptop into the office from home . . . or the road warrior who connects to unsecured Wi-Fi systems.

The fact is, most security breaches by insiders are not intentional; they happen when employees make bad or uninformed choices about their passwords, the websites they visit, and the e-mails they send.

While billions of dollars are spent each year on security hardware and software, most data breaches are based on the weak link in the security chain: people.

So, how do you make sure that your company's information assets are protected? The first line of defense is employee awareness – the critical "humanware” component of your data security armor.

NSI's SECURITYsense awareness solution gives employees the tools and information they need to make security second nature.

"Nearly 90 percent of organizations that have implemented awareness training … [for employees] believe that the number of security breaches they've encountered has been reduced."
The Computing Technology Industry Association