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Ensuring that your workforce is security-aware is one of the most cost-effective measures you can take to prevent a security nightmare from happening on your watch.

What’s a reasonable investment for deploying a rock solid awareness solution like SECURITYsense? First, consider the costs of a breach — your sensitive information, your reputation, and the money involved. How much money? The average annual loss for a security breach was $234,244 in 2009. *  Of these breaches, 74% were attributable to employee negligence. **

  • Average cost of a single security breach
= $234,244
  • *Baseline annual SECURITYsense subscription
= $1,395
  • SECURITYsense cost per employee per year
= .28 cents

(*Baseline subscription covers first 5,000 employees. 
Volume discount pricing available for distributions larger than 5,000)

SECURITYsense Cost Savings

The primary argument for outsourcing is financial: a company can get the security awareness expertise it needs much more cheaply by hiring someone else to provide it. While it is possible for companies to build security awareness programs on their own, it’s rarely cost-effective. When you factor in how many staff hours it would take to create a continuous employee awareness program on your own, your cost savings and ROI are even greater. This is an area where outsourcing really pays off.

Also, consider the costs associated with outsourcing that you wouldn’t have to deal with otherwise, such as management costs. The benefits, then, are clear. You can focus your time, money, and worries on your core competency because information security awareness training is in the hands of experts.

Security ROI Checklist


Development Cost
How many man-hours would it take to research, write, edit and design a professionally produced monthly awareness program on your own?
Total man-hours per year required to create each
monthly issue  (12mos. x  30 man-hours)
= 360 man-hours
360 man-hours @ $100 per hr. (Sal. & Benefits) = $36,000
Annual baseline SECURITYsense subscription cost = $1,395
Total Cost Savings: = $34,605

Think of it this way: If you relate employee aware­ness to a never-ending high-stakes chess match between the good guys and the bad guys, the security awareness program influences one side in the chess match — the company’s employees — which may help that team make smarter moves.

Prudent investment in security awareness can reduce the probability of an incident. The business benefits (resulting from increased compliance, improved control, reduced risks and reduced losses through security breaches) will substantially outweigh the costs of the program.

Plug the hole in your security defenses today. Don’t let another day go by without all the protection you can get.  Start your risk-free subscription today to SECURITYsense — the nation’s leading employee security awareness service.  For immediate service, call the National Security Institute at 508-533-9099 or complete our secure online ordering form.

* 2009 Computer Security Institute (CSI) Computer Crime and Security Survey
** Verizon Business 2009 DBI Report

"Investing time and money into securing the organization and its customers can be completely undermined if employees don’t understand their role in the security plan."
Luis Navarro, Symantec Corp.

Meets and Exceeds:

- Graham-Leach-Bliley Act
Employee Training Requirements -

- Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 -

- U.S. Federal Guidelines Under the 1987
Computer Security Act for Security
Awareness and Literacy Training -

- U.S. HIPAA Personnel Training
Requirements -