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SECURITYsense motivates employees to think “security first.”

Ensuring employees understand security how’s and why’s isn’t someone else’s problem – it’s yours.

Once a breach occurs under your watch, you’re directly in the line of fire as information security is your responsibility. With SECURITYsense, company employees – from the C-suite to the MailRoom – will learn how to be cautious about sharing sensitive information with outsiders, social engineers, and competitors.

Your employees will understand the important role they play in protecting sensitive data and how they personally can be affected by information security breaches. By focusing on what’s in it for them, you’re able to motivate employees to practice good security both on and off the job.

With each monthly issue of SECURITYsense, you’ll receive 20 compelling, professionally written news and feature articles – information guaranteed to help your employees think – and change – their behaviors, including:

  • Step-by-step advice on protecting proprietary information
  • Prevention tips to help reduce computer crime
  • Stories about real-life security breaches that catch employees’ attention – and teach them security “what not to dos” at the same time
  • Password protection, e-mail security, and Internet security
  • Tips and techniques to protect your critical information systems
  • Legal responsibilities for protecting information
  • Incidents of industrial espionage and trade secrets theft
  • Threats from social engineering and competitive intelligence
  • Personal security tips for travel safety and home security

Each issue is delivered via HTML, PDF, and MS Word, making it easy for you to post issues to your company’s Intranet, distribute via e-mail, print out for distribution, or re-print in your internal newsletter.
SECURITYsense drastically reduces vulnerabilities from employee ignorance and apathy because it educates them on the real life consequences of security breaches – including the one real threat that hits home – job loss or a company going out of business!

Given today’s increased security risks, you can’t afford NOT to subscribe to SECURITYsense.

The cost? A baseline annual SECURITYsense subscription (5,000 employees) is $1,395.00. That’s less than .28 cents per employee per year.

Close the gap in your defenses starting today placing your order for SECURITYsense.

"Investing time and money into securing the organization and its customers can be completely undermined if employees don’t understand their role in the security plan."
Luis Navarro, Symantec Corp.

Meets and Exceeds:

- Graham-Leach-Bliley Act
Employee Training Requirements -

- Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 -

- U.S. Federal Guidelines Under the 1987
Computer Security Act for Security
Awareness and Literacy Training -

- U.S. HIPAA Personnel Training
Requirements -