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Frequently Asked Questions about SECURITYsense.

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Q. What are my options for distributing the SECURITYsense?
The service is delivered each month via HTML, PDF and MS Word enabling you to easily and economically distribute it to employees via Intranet or email or by printing and distributing hard copies.

Q. Can I customize the articles with my organization’s logo?
You may customize SECURITYsense by incorporating your corporate/organization logo. Customization helps underscore management’s support for security.

Q. Do I have the ability to edit/add content to SECURITYsense?
Yes, you may edit the content to best meet your needs. If you wish to add specific announcements, security messages or links to your policies and procedures, you can easily do so.

Q. What is the publication schedule?
SECURITYsense is delivered each month on the first day of the month.

Q. Can I receive a sample copy before subscribing?
A. Yes, sample copies are available upon request. Please call 508-533-9099 or complete the Sample Request Form.

Q. What distribution restrictions apply to SECURITYsense?
SECURITYsense is a copyright-protected publication. Subscribers are authorized to distribute/reproduce as many copies as needed, (via e-mail, Intranet, printed copy) in accordance with the terms of their licensing agreement. Posting of SECURITYsense, or any portion thereof, via the Internet or an extranet is strictly prohibited.

Q. What if I want to distribute SECURITYsense to more than 5,000 employees?
Larger organizations intending to distribute SECURITYsense to more than 5,000 employees qualify for preferred tiered pricing based on number of employees.  Please call NSI at 508-533-9099 for a custom quote.

"Investing time and money into securing the organization and its customers can be completely undermined if employees don’t understand their role in the security plan."
Luis Navarro, Symantec Corp.

Meets and Exceeds:

- Graham-Leach-Bliley Act
Employee Training Requirements -

- Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 -

- U.S. Federal Guidelines Under the 1987
Computer Security Act for Security
Awareness and Literacy Training -

- U.S. HIPAA Personnel Training
Requirements -