Improve IoT Security in Your Smart Home

Interested in smart home automation, but concerned about the risks? Fear not! Follow these tips from the pros to do it safely…

You should be using difficult passwords that aren’t easy to guess, and create a unique password for each device. And before you even get to passwords, change your home router’s default name, which is assigned by the manufacturer. Cybercriminals can gain easy access to your network if they’re able to determine this, so give your router a unique name that can’t be traced to you or your home address.

Stay on top of updates and patches. Download any updates released for your device, and not just for your computer and smartphone. Check your modem and router, then other sensitive tech like security cameras and printers.

Check on devices connected to your wifi. By monitoring your wifi for unknown devices, you’ll be preemptively protecting your network from intruders. Consider a separate wifi network for smart devices. This will separate your smart devices
from other devices on your network, like your computer or phone. That way, if a device is compromised, a hacker won’t have access to everything else.

Enable 2FA. Two-factor (sometimes called multi-factor) authentication gives you an additional layer of security over a password. Once 2FA is enabled, every time someone tries to access your smart device they’ll be asked to verify their identity.

Disable features you won’t use. Many smart devices give you the ability to control them remotely. If you don’t need remote access, disable it. In essence, you want to curb as many potential entry points into your network as possible.

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